seiki - Fabian Bastianelli



Seiki means “accompany the energy”.

It’s a very soft practice. Hands are on the body like a feather, aware of reactions.

The founder of this practice is Akinobu Kishi. Himself used to say “my technique is not a technique.”. The seiki practice invites the body to find its own and inner balance.

The practitioner accompanies the momentum of life of the receiver.

Before all, seiki is an experience that doesn’t have to be explained.

Coming back from Japan, I wrote this:

“We all have a seed inside us, the seed of our own becoming, sometimes very grounded. The Seiki is like the water that awakens its potential. It germintaes and grows at its own pace and gives the most beautiful flowers: the inner being.”

A seiki session is an inner journey to discover new spaces, a waitingless experience.

How is the session going?

As in shiatsu, the seiki is practiced on a fully clothed receiver.

It’s a very soft touch. The hands go where the body needs, where sometimes the soul hurts.

Nature does all.

To be trained

There is no such thing as “certification” training. Only experience really counts. The real learning comes from practice and participation in seiki workshops.

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