shiatsu - Fabian Bastianelli


Literally, shiatsu means “finger’s pressure”. It’s a manual technique coming from Japan combining wellness techniques and therapeutic pressures on acupuncture points and meridians.

These pressures create reactions at different levels: first, on the physical and mental level with a body relaxation. After that, at a deeper level, the body will find a better balance for better health.

Shiatsu is a very good support to our western medicine, an osteopathic work, a psychological accompaniment or simply as alternative medicine.

I really want to give each one the consciousness of their own and inner tensions to bring a deep relaxation. We all need a catalyst to evolve faster. In this way, I propose my own shiatsu practice.

How is the session going?

The shiatsu is given on a fully clothed receiver lying down on a futon (japanese mattress).

Generally, I begin each session with some questions to know how you feel.

Then, I start the shiatsu, often by soft touch on the belly that induces a real relaxation and gives me informations on how the body is. After this, I work on the areas that need to be relaxed.

Why to receive a shiatsu and what to expect?

There are numerous reasons to receive shiatsu. First, maybe just to feel relaxed. I could also talk about the positive effects on stress: less inflammation, better sleep, less pains, etc).

If you feel shiatsu could be a good thing, feel free to contact me, we will talk about it.

To be trained

Do you want to learn?

Learning shiatsu is a way (in the Asian sense of the word). It is not only a technique to be repeated, to be applied, it is the art of going to the meeting of the other, thus of oneself.

I give courses at the European School of Massage in Brussels and workshops in Huy (or wherever I am invited).

You can also contact me or consult the agenda.

If you wish to organise a workshop, please contact me.

Even if some results are impressive, shiatsu is not a miraculous technique and cannot replace medical treatment.