“Sometimes it’s hard to sit on a cloud when you’ve decided to stand inside yourself. “

The man that I am, however, accepts that I am just a man. I abandon myself, I abandon myself to be only the one who seeks sensations, a quest for intoxication of the senses, feigning any idea of ​​impermanence.

My consciousness of light, then, becomes a spectator.

Oh how magnanimous spectator.

At other times, I perceive my soul, this moment of light, moving deep inside me and shaking the bars of its prison of flesh. Advance to act higher.

I walk forward like a drunk person. Drunk with his senses on one side, altitude on the other. I pitch, I swing, trying not to fall.

Is that to be Man?

Stand with your feet on the ground, your head in Heaven.

Go forward and rock back and forth until you walk.

Walk and manage this series of imbalance between matter and light.