In body, poetry, Poetry again.


Have you ever tried to put a feeling into words?

Water on the skin?

The taste of a crushed raspberry under the tongue?

The color of bamboo?

The sound of the marimba?

A hand that caresses you?

The language cannot say everything the eye sees, everything the palate perceives and everything the ear hears, everything the skin feels.


Even if we want to understand, analyze, dissect to construct or reconstruct, it is difficult, if not impossible, to have the right and perfect words to define a sensation. To define is already to circumscribe and enclose. Nothing replaces the spontaneous impulse of expressing a feeling. This impulse which wants to capture the beauty of wonder, astonishment, delight.


To express, without further analysis, we have the creative and artistic impulse. Whether it is a dance movement, a musical sequence, a drawn or painted gesture, a wording. The arts open a window of perception for us. A way to get out of our rational analysis. Poetry is the putting into words of what vibrates deep within us.



An arrangement of words that say more than they can generally say. It is a play of senses, a play of sounds, a play of rhythms which offers more space than the confinement of the word alone. These linguistic resonances vibrate the brain which constructs a more or less known, sometimes new, sensation.


Feelings and emotions are inseparable.

All our senses work together.

When we think of sense organs, we usually think of the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. We sometimes forget the largest and most important sensitive organ (for this, I refer you to the studies of Boris Cyrulnik in particular, on the orphans of Ceausescu who let themselves die if they were not touched).

Let yourself be caressed by the wind.

Let your feet sink into the mud.

Feel this inner movement that invites you to undulate, to move.

Take a sip of water

Let yourself be touched, let yourself be impregnated.


There is nothing to understand.

Just let yourself be caressed, transfixed, carried away by the words, the rhythms, the sounds, the impressions.

What about shiatsu?


Welcome and perceive.

See and let yourself be immersed in the colors.

Sit next to each other, breathe, together.

Let one hand rest, capture the heat, flexibility or rigidity of the body.

Perceive textures, of skin, of clothing.

Feel and feel without thinking.

Flow into the movement of the body.

if you want to go further in discovering feelings, you can read “Instant shiatsu” published by Renard Blanc (for the moment, only in french).