I look around me and see lost peoples. I listen and hear the pain, the difficulties, the fears, the doubts, the envy to return to oneself, the need to feel alive.


After these month of oscillation between the practice of shiatsu and the wait, searching the silence in this noisy world, lightness and height gain despite the surrounding heaviness.

Now, I can affirm:

Shiatsu is essential.

Touching is life


A human being can learn to live without some of his senses. He can live without his eyes, his sense of space and his touch will make up for it. He can live without hearing, his sight and his perceptions will take up more space. Whenever one meaning is lacking, the others take over. However, it is an essential sense for life and the development of being, if it is lacking, a series of imbalances appear: touch. We have a strong need to touch, to touch our environment and to be touched, to feel one’s body. We are beings of matter.

(See the Wikipedia page on somesthesia).


Stress is a formidable response of nature to the maintenance of life: in a situation of danger, a cocktail of reactions allows an explosive response to get to safety. This is commonly referred to as the fight or flight reaction.

This reaction to external events is deeply installed in our unconscious. In everyday life, we have little or no need for it (except in some countries, some areas where insecurity reigns). However, our minds fabricate dangerous situations: will I be able to pay my bills? Isn’t my boss at risk of firing me? I’m late, I have to hurry, etc.

Are these situations really a guarantee of your survival? Is it a matter of life and death to be late for work, for school? Is it a matter of life and death to be able to discuss a mistake with your boss? (Ok, does he have to be open and open to discussion).

Take care of yourself

Yes, taking a break allows us to put into perspective the situations that we ourselves create in our head and that tend to us.

Receiving shiatsu can be one of those breaks. You lie down on the futon (Japanese mattress), close your eyes. Feel your breath, it comes and goes from the lungs. With each exhale your body relaxes. You feel more and more comfortable and relaxed.

The shiatsu practitioner will feel the tense areas, invite you to become aware of them and release them. Your organs will also receive this invitation to relax. You will feel your breathing fuller, your pelvis softer. When the session is over, when you regain your foothold in your reality, nothing has really changed and yet your gaze is undoubtedly different. Your tensions eased, you perceive your reality from a new angle.

Was there a need to take the lead for that?



Bullshit! Shiatsu is a hoax

So what? Even though shiatsu would only be relaxation, you can already feel your body loosening, your mind calming down. The link, the exchanges with your practitioner, don’t they just do you good?

Is this just a placebo effect?

The study of the placebo effects shows that a mind convinced of the benefit of a drug will allow the body to set up a positive reaction and can, in some cases, replace a drug. The placebo has real therapeutic efficacy.

If shiatsu is just a placebo, let’s see the positive aspects: it can create bond, relaxation, confidence. It’s not that bad already …

However, it is clear that shiatsu is much more than relaxation, than a placebo. You just have to try to feel and know.

shiatsu is essential


We are increasingly locked into scientific standards, supporting evidence, algorithms that predict trends, curves that demonstrate objective effectiveness.

Ok, but me, you, how are you feeling? My reality is subjective at first.

So, yes, doing yourself good, coming back to yourself, feeling relaxed, embodied is essential.

Shiatsu is essential.