Following a previous article on attention just at the moment (Ichi-Go, Ichi-e, a moment, a meeting), I wanted to come back to what exists in all art, all crafts: the passion of Art, the search for the right gesture which could tend towards a certain perfection.



From patience to perfection


In an art, in all art, the passion that animates the craftsman is a research that may seem contradictory: to succeed in the perfect gesture without precipitation, without impatience and the repetition of each gesture in a almost infinite way.



At the start, there is the intention of anchoring the right gesture that involves a horlogical but non -mechanical repetition. Then follows the pleasure of refining the gesture by looking for a form of perfection, aware that, in the living area, nothing can be mechanized, each moment, each gesture will then be different.


A state of mind, several stages


When you are in the learning phase, it is important to anchor in the body the gesture by a hypnotic repetition: the mind escapes from the thought of the gesture, the gesture is done without the mind having to sequence .

There is then the consolidation phase: the gesture is known and the goal will be to remain present, attentive not to enter into your thoughts and miss the right gesture with a mechanistic action.

After learning the body, it is the learning of the mind, a focus on what is happening, attentive to gestures, the sensations that come from and from others.

The last phase is undoubtedly the longest with infinite nuances, the most joyful for the lover of art. The body has learned, the mind can concentrate, we will then get in search of the perfect gesture, refine all the gestures, all the sensations and realize that with the living, nothing can be mechanized, nothing should be forced.

It comes back to my mind for a moment of the film “The Last Samurai” by Edward Zwick with Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe who, filigree in the second half of the film, are looking for the perfect cherry blossom. The conclusion is magnificent.

The way


It is in this spirit that we are talking about a way: the technique used is a tool for discovery and self -perfection.

A painter can let go of a fiery gesture, feel then see that, in the imperfection of printing on the canvas, his emotion is present at the height of the accuracy felt.

A Shiatsu practitioner will be able to dose his effort and adapt his gesture to the recipient’s realities with the certainty of having used the just gesture for what must be induced and felt.


There is no goal, it’s like a river flowing.


In this state of mind, it is even more than a state of mind, it is a state of being and conscience.

To finish (or start)


Since we know that there is no goal, there can be no specialist, no expert, no master because everything is becoming. This state of research in the time that flows creates control or the impression of mastery for the outside observer who sees, who feels this search for perfection.


So forget about the goal and the desire to get there quickly, take pleasure every time you practice. Whether in aikido, kung fu, painting, drawing, writing, shiatsu, riding, meditation, stop in every moment and enjoy each moment.

N.B.: Thanks to Anatole Simenon for discursive openings, thanks to Blanco for putting into practice and the search for integration.