Sit down, take a deep breath. Feel the air entering your nostrils and inflating your lungs. Exhale.

Feel your body. Let him relax on each exhale.


A caulked cell deep in the uterus. A cocktail of hormones which stirs, which agitates it, which triturate it, which condense it.

An explosion of the senses, a dance, a frolic, a fusion between 2 polarities, male and female, yin and yang.

An explosion of light and the meeting of 2 cores in the same closed space.

2 genetic heritages who decide to collaborate, to share to create one of the most incredible things in the universe: to be alive.

You know this story, of course.

But doesn’t it also remind you of something else?

The creation of our universe with an original Big Bang and all the resulting organization.

Also, in Chinese philosophy, the origin of the Tao.

“In the beginning, chaos reigned which contains everything but where nothing is organized. Then is born the supreme unity which marks the beginning of the transformation of forms. This primordial matter in the vapor state will divide. The pure, lighter part will form the sky, the heavy and thicker part, the earth. The vapors of the sky will give the yang principle; the vapors of the earth will give the yin principle. In the middle of these 2 principles, the human being. »

Let’s transpose


Let us associate the supreme unity with the egg, ready to receive. Then comes the sperm which changes the balance and generates a movement.

1 becomes 2, yin and yang discover each other. The axis is given. The one around which everything is organized. The movement causes the first cell division to appear: 1 cell becomes 2, the 2 becomes 4. The axis is there, the front, the back, left and right look at each other.

4 becomes 8, up and down. Then, the effervescence of life will continue and little by little the cellular specificities of the being in the making manifest themselves: mesoderm, endoderm and ectoderm, organs, skeleton, tissues, etc.

Let’s go back to 8. A spherical structure that looks like a blackberry: this is the morula stage.

At this stage, the divided cells remain identically the same in their function and heritage. The differentiation will begin.

This blackberry, this sphere already contains the 8 movements: up-down, front-back, left-right, inside-outside. These are indeed the 8 movements in question, these movements which structure a cellular organization in space.

8 movement that are the 8 Marvellous Vessels.

Everything communicates


In this project of building a living being, the cells must necessarily communicate. They synchronize, they evolve together. As long as these cells are close, glued to each other, this communication can take place via the contact points of the membranes. With a reduced number of cells, the communication system remains simple but as the number increases, the communication system becomes more and more complex depending on the number of cells present in a single organism.

I can, in this situation, take the example of a village. Imagine a few houses being built on a field. As long as the gardens touch each other, as long as the neighbors can talk to each other easily, a communication path is enough. As the our house increases, the roads will be built, from the village born the city then the capital with avenues, boulevards, a ring road.

In any environment, the communication system becomes more complex in order to ensure that all exchanges are well guaranteed. This is also the function of blood vessels.

Last summer, I was talking with a surgeon and an osteopath about our practices.

Both, in their own way, envisaged the fascias as paths of access and action on the whole body.

The surgeon shared with me his knowledge of the universe beyond the skin. His explanation of how he envisioned an operation left a strong impression on me. He explained to me in detail how he organized his operation thanks to the fascias. How he could lose his way if he crossed or followed the wrong fascia with his endoscope. These fascias he saw as highways that allowed him to go where he had to act.

The osteopath marveled at the retractile action of these tissues, the distant consequence of a contraction that a fascia will have on a structure. A tense liver creates tension in a specific area of ​​the back. Vertebral distortion affects certain organic functions. All this can also have psychological and emotional consequences.


I remained pensive…

Both explained to me how the fascias connect each part of the body from top to bottom, from left to right, from front to back and from internal to external.

Exactly in the spirit of the 8 marvelous vessels…

And shiatsu in all this?

I studied Wonderful Vessels 16 years ago. Initially, I did not understand how and why these were articulated with the meridians (this point will be the subject of another article).

So, as in Japanese practice, I first practiced, applying myself to feel, if not to understand. I did my scales like playing a musical instrument. Little by little, feelings arrived and made me perceive imbalances and the way to render movement.

Today, I have been teaching them for 4 years. Initially in a fairly traditional way, respecting the writings. Now sharing my experience and understanding much more. In this area, mental understanding loses its place. Theoreticians cling well to functionings and pathological pictures but the Marvelous Vessels are so much more. They bring back into motion the energy of the Anterior Heaven, the Innate by inviting each cell of the organism to communicate. The touch is soft, delicate, subtle. There is no more need to go in depth. The depth happens without us.

Movement is life and it is indeed movement that we invite into the body. The one that connects us to each of our cells, the one that connects our whole being to our environment, the one that allows us to adapt.

This is indeed the role of the Merveilleux Vaisseaux: to adapt to our space and offer freedom of action, therefore of coordination, of collaboration between each of our cells.

Blockages can be present in the body but, as we do not stop a flowing river, we cannot stop the flow of life, the one that allows us to realize ourselves.

Blockages will be treated through the 12 meridians or with other practices.

To be continued…