These last days, I was reviewing videos of Nassim Haramein and Bruce Lipton. The first  one talking about unified sciences, the second about cell biology and how an environment influences the cell. Everyone, in their own way, used words that were already spoken a long time ago: what is above is like what is below. With one as with the other, I felt the coherence of ideas. This same coherence which resides in metaphysical traditions.

Fractal nature

A fractal structure is a structure where each part is the image of the whole. That is to say that if we zoom in on part of the image, we find the overall pattern.

For example, if you look at the solar system and the way the planets move around it, it totally looks like the electrons orbiting the nucleus. the organization of an atom is similar to the organization of a solar system.

We are mainly familiar with mathematical work on fractals, especially the work of Mandelbrot. This photo is a beautiful illustration of fractal nature. Photo taken in my kitchen before preparing this Romanesco cabbage.

The search for unity

Plunging back into my reflections on embryonic development and the beginning of marvelous vessels (see article “Marvelous Vessels: from the Big Bang to unity.”), I feel the movement of nature which seems far from being anarchic or chaotic. (that said, chaos, for B. Lipton is a phenomenon which is beyond our comprehension and which we have not yet been able to model mathematically). So, by immersing myself in this cellular intelligence, I discern in it a plan, an organization. The first cell divides, arrives at the morula stage then the specializations stand out (placenta, bones, organs, etc.).

In the development of a new living being, barring destructive information like disease, chemicals, waves … this development is anything but chaotic. Each division is in its place, perfect. Each cell arrives at the right time. When the being matures, growth stops and development is replaced by renewal.

In the end, an adult being is fair and perfect in his structure, adapted to his environment with the exact number of cells. Each cell has its place, its function, in a totality where everything collaborates for the best functioning of living things.

Everything is in everything

We are a mind that experiences matter. (For those thirsty for the Taoist tradition: we are a chen experimenting with jing.) All our lives, we will try to heal our past wounds. Have you ever wondered why we want to repair these wounds? Is it to regain the blissful unity of the very first cell that we were? A search for absolute unity …

Then I remain thoughtful …

If we humans, believing ourselves above everything, blinded by our egos, we realize this perfect totality. Are we not a cell of a being greater than us? Should we not learn to communicate more and better between humans and, accepting our differences, glimpse the complementarities that form Humanity? Are we able to invent a reverse path at the Tower of Babel?

If we let the number of human beings grow while respecting living things, in total balance with nature (this last idea is essential and underlies an abandonment of capitalism), should we think of birth control? Wouldn’t the number of humans reach a maximum stage of development which would conceal the potential of humanity in resonance with our Earth.