In the previous article, I told about the meeting of an ovum and a spermatozoon, the cellular engendering and the development of the energy circuits appearing in the first hours following creation.


In this article, I will try to take you to the way in which weave, combine and interact the marvelous vessels with the meridians. I will not talk about “classic meridians”, there is nothing classic, just a system with 2 complementary aspects. An intangible, energetic; another more palpable because linked to our flesh, therefore easily understandable by our rational minds.

In a few words, let’s come back to this cellular development. The fertilized cell goes from the first cell to 2 pre-nucleus to 2 complete cells then 4 then 8, from the morula stage to the blastula stage. Until now, the dynamics of cellular development have been made according to a spherical framework. This is where 2 teams are formed: the one that will create the protective envelope, the placenta and the one that will create a new life in its center.

At this stage, I will not go into more detail as I do not consider myself competent enough to know the phenomena with precision. I will therefore remain general. In fact, this is really the place of shiatsu: to have a globular view of phenomena.

So in that first cell, the moment the nucleus of the sperm enters the egg, the movement is started: cell division and specification. What is magnificent is that this cellular development is far from being anarchic or uncontrolled.

Deep information sets pace and direction.

The first few hours after fertilization will prompt the form.

Time invites space.

Let’s go back to the Marvelous Ships and more specifically to the penetrating craft, our axis. He is the link between Heaven and Earth. It allows us to put our feet on the ground and stretch our heads to Heaven.

When I began to study the Marvelous Vessels, I did not understand why it was composed of 2 branches which seemed to go in opposite directions: the main branch which rose from the pubis to the top of the thorax, the second which descended along the inside of each leg.

Today, I find this an incredible ingenuity of Life. This first branch is made up of 12 points, the first of which is called “energy assault” (E30 for number lovers). Incredible this intuition of our ancestors who saw in this first point of the penetrating vessel, the primordial spark. Then, the course will be along the meridians of the kidneys from R11 to R21. I will come back to this in a specific article.
E30 therefore, “energy assault”. The idea of assault is linked to the idea of irruption. It is the meeting point of the energies of the Anterior Heaven, the innate and of the Posterior Heaven, the acquired. From here will develop the marvelous vessels on the one hand and the meridians on the other which will precede the appearance of the organs.

Innate energy-acquired energy


Our previous Heaven is a sort of condensation of the energetic intensity of man and woman at the moment of the creative outpouring. This previous Heaven is also the baggage offered by all our ancestors.

Our posterior Heaven exists by what nourishes us.


As they accompany the primordial structure of each of us, the Marvelous Vessels will keep this link to our structure and to our deep and cyclical transformations.

They are this wave of energy that invites the being to express his deep nature and the invitations that remind him throughout his life.


In the Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Nei Jing Souwen), the system of marvelous vessels and meridians are not separated but have a different and complementary role.

The 12 meridian system manages the circulation of defensive and nurturing energy throughout the day.

The system of 8 marvelous vessels regulates and rebalances the energy of our body drawing on our basic potential. It is a system of vessels communicating with its own energetic anatomy. It is this system that intervenes first to balance the body, to evacuate toxins before they accumulate in our organs requiring the intervention of the meridian system. They also manage the physical balance of the body, the up-down, inside/outside energy flows.

This system closely follows the Asian vision of health: preventive action. The 8 marvelous are like an alarm of dysfunction(s) before a pathology appears on the physical body.

Marvelous vessels and so-called classic meridians cannot be separated. All work together. One system is your inner energy potential offered to creation, the second is the energy brought in from outside.

If I try an analogy with an oil lamp: the flame is our being, the oil our energy. We received a quantity of it when we were born and feed it regularly during our meals. Are you prepared to fuel your lamp with oil that will clog the wick and cause the flame to flicker at the risk of extinguishing it?

We can say that the extraordinary meridians are the manifestation of the sky, the meridians the concretization of the earth.

What is this relationship to time?


Marvelous vessels structure space.

Meridians manage time.

There is not so much to write or too much to fill pages and pages and inflate the neurons.

The meridian system is linked to the circadian rhythm which maintains nurturing energy. The system of the marvelous, in connection with the movements of creation, structures us in space.

I will say little, you can feel all this deep in your cells. It takes time to digest and inform each cell. I’m not just talking about physical food, it’s the same with our thoughts, our reflections which, after having fermented at the top of our skull, will slowly percolate into our cells.


The link to the Earth is a temporal link, matter changes, evolves. Buddhism teaches us: it is impermanence. Everything is change and that is something we have to accept.

The link to Heaven is timeless, Heaven allows us to fulfill ourselves in our being, for all who are ready to dive in search of this flame. No matter the shape of the oil lamp, no matter how bright the flame, be who you are.

In a shiatsu practice…


Kawada Sensei told me that removing the symptom is good, it relieves but the person comes back the moment before the symptom appears when the imbalance is already there. And he asked me:

“So, Fabian, what and how to find the root of the imbalance? “.

He never gave me the answer, the one I expected, the one that gave me a ready-made recipe but which would certainly not suit the receiver.

As Kishi Sensei said: “You cannot reduce a person to 365 points, 12 meridians, 8 marvelous, to yin, to yang. The first thing you touch is the person. “.

If you need to be convinced, see the difference there is when you prepare your holidays with your nose in the guide and in the maps then the feelings you have when you really arrive on site.

And I like to travel.

I like to go in search of the root of the imbalance.

Letting it reveal itself, the care that we put into it, allows the person to heal themselves.

I bring care, the person heals himself.

If you think you understand the Marvelous Vessels, either I wrote the article totally wrong, or you are in a mental illusion.

In fact, this article may not be of much use. Certainly not to further inflate a rational brain or ego (much less mine).

Both need rest.

As a text talking about the flavors of chocolate would attract your attention and allow you to enjoy it better. These few lines are there to tickle your sensitivity in practice, because it is practice that will make you feel all this depth (we can talk about chocolate or a good wine, nothing will replace the experience of taste).

At best, with these words I try to open the window of cellular understanding.


I have read books about them. I got lost in contradictory explanations, I developed theories. Each time I felt like a wall. The wall voluntarily put up by our masters who offer only to those who are ready. The wall of ignorance and neuron foam.

To consider the Marvelous Vessels only from the angle of pathological pictures would be to reduce their real nature. A bit like believing you know a person, the details of their face, their posture and the energy that emanates from them having only seen their shadow.

Their reality carries with it much more depth than structural, organic, flesh and bone functionings, we must include the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects.

This reality only reveals itself over time. That of the practice, of the presence in our hands, the one that leaves our thoughts aside.



Looking forward to practicing together.